> It can be freeing, then, to instead adopt an ironic stance that allows women to identify against what they clearly are not: A cartoonish man-hater bent on total male destruction. And by squarely targeting anti-feminists, ironic misandry avoids dwelling on what feminists themselves are doing right or wrong.

i.e. “This is what I am not. So as not to get bogged down in the particulars and complexity — the distracting, fruitless, endless, choose-your-own-adventure minefield — of what I am”.

The Trap

Worth watching. Again, really (I plan to). I think one of my favorite aspects of the production is that it’s controversial.

It’s such a recent history and yet still illuminating in its historical detail. It’s almost too close. The conclusion it reaches isn’t cut-and-dry and I can see how someone, even after having watched the entirety of the three-part series, could disagree with the conclusion whole-heartedly.

I watched it alone (which is fitting, if you’ve seen it) but this could be a great group-watch. Best to leave some time for discussion after.

For links to the epsisodes, hit the “The Trap” tag on this post.